A Levels: The next steps to University

At University

Support at University

Student Support

It’s natural for you to find University a little tough at times, and there’s no shame in asking for a little bit of extra help. We have a whole range of different services available for you, which you can use throughout your time here!


General Support

Student Services: if you have a problem at University, these are the people to go to – if they don’t know how to help, they will know the people who do!

The Services are made up of specialist guidance teams, such as Accommodation Services, Residential Life, ASSIST, Counselling and Mental Health team, Multi-Faith Chaplaincy, Financial Guidance, and a Doctor’s Surgery.

We have a Student Help desk on Campus who will be able to help with any immediate problems, and/or book you in to see specialist teams – such as arranging Counselling sessions for you. If you’d like more info, click on the link here

ASSIST: The ASSIST team are particularly important if you have any additional needs, and need a little extra help whilst you’re at Uni. They can help you by:


  • giving guidance and advice from disability advisors


  • helping you in your interactions with your academic tutors


  • dyslexia screenings


  • personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPs)


  • deaf pagers for use on campus and in Halls of residence


  • exam arrangements for disabled students



  • Academic Inclusion Reports (AIRs) detailing the nature of the difficulties and recommendations for reasonable adjustments and inclusive support


  • priority status applications for halls of residence


  • specialist study skills support


  • specialist mentoring support


  • advice about specialist grants and help with Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) application


  • referrals to other university services and departments when appropriate


  • priority parking permits for disabled students on campus



More info about ASSIST can be found here


Supporting your study skills


Personal Academic Tutor

You will be given a Personal Academic Tutor when you first come to University, and they’re on hand for you to speak to them about any difficulties you’re having whilst at Uni. They can also help when it comes to assignments. Each tutor has assigned office hours where you can pop in to see them, or if it’s easier, you can always drop them an email.

Learning Development Team

Our Learning Development team are a team of tutors available to give advice in order to help your academic, mathematical and study skills! The team can offer you guidance in the following areas:

  • essay writing


  • critical analysis


  • presentation skills


  • time management


  • revision and exam techniques


  • maths skills and support



They also know that you may need a tailored approach to tuition, so they’ve got a range of different options for you, seven days a week including:


  • class-based workshops


  • one-to-one tutorials


  • telephone and online tutorials


  • face-to-face drop in sessions


  • study guides and videos


  • interactive online activities



  • Maths drop-in sessions and study guides


Study Skills for Academic Success – Building your skills up before you even start Uni!

This is a free online course that you can use at any time, but it’s especially for those who are about to study as an undergraduate at Uni, or if you are in your first year, and want to:

  • improve your study skills


  • develop your academic confidence


  • gain a greater understanding of what is expected of you as you study for a degree


  • learn more about how to learn


  • achieve better grades in your assignments



Support for getting a Job


CHANGEMAKER: Creating change in society

Our Changemaker team are on hand to prepare you for life after you’ve graduated. For them, it’s not just about making your CV look amazing, it’s also about making you resilient, innovative, and socially aware when you’re beginning the job hunt.

They aim to do this through a pledge to social enterprise. Whether you’re a paid employee, a volunteer or doing a work placement, the Changemaker team gives you the chance to earn some money, improve your CV and use your skills to help social enterprises – overall, creating change in society!

Check out their portal page here for more info about all things Changemaker!

Unitemps: Part Time, Full Time temp work!

Unitemps are the University of Northampton’s in-house recruitment agency that can help provide you with flexible work whilst you’re studying, and even after you’ve graduated. Unitemps give you the chance to earn money, and improve your employability skills. They have a huge range of part-time or full-time temporary work opportunities – both on-campus and in local businesses, and all done to fit around your course commitments.

Transforming lives Inspiring Change