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Scholarships and Bursaries available

Piles of money

When you’re planning for University, you’re no doubt also thinking about the costs involved, and what support you may be entitled to.  Your tuition fees would generally be covered by Student Finance England with a loan, but there is additional funding which may be available from the University.


You can find full details of scholarships and bursaries on the website  


Some awards are automatically assessed – such as the Northampton Bursary and the High Achievers Scholarship.  For 2017 there will be a maximum number of awards for students who have grades of BBB or higher.  This scholarship makes an award of £1,000 to eligible students for their first year only.


There are a number of scholarships which you can apply for which are competitive, with a limited number for each, and some are based on academic excellence or achievement.  However, don’t be put off if the criteria is ‘academic’ and you feel your grades aren’t strong enough – ultimately we’re looking for a student’s potential and the fact that they’ll really benefit from additional support.  We’re also looking for students with a good story and the potential to be an amazing ‘ambassador’ for the University.


I would encourage you to take the time to look at what we have to offer, and find out more.


When you look at the list of scholarships information if you’re struggling to understand which you are able to apply for we do have a scholarships map which can help to guide you through, available on the website.  If you’re not sure please contact the Scholarships Administrator for further advice at scholarships@northampton.ac.uk  and don’t be afraid to ask, that’s what we’re here for!


There are definitely things you can do to help to make the most of your application, and my main advice would be:

  • Check the criteria – make sure that you meet the criteria by reading the information thoroughly, and if you’re uncertain whether you are eligible contact us


  • Check the deadline – allow time for your tutor to provide a report, if this is requested. Application forms can be submitted by email and it’s usually better if they’re typed rather than handwritten.


  • Sell yourself – help the Trustees to build up a picture of you as an applicant, as this will benefit your application. They need to know that you will be a grateful, committed and enthusiastic student and recipient.


  • Be thorough – take your time to complete the application and make sure you’re happy with it before you submit


  • Check your application – read your application through again, make sure that you’ve answered all of the questions, and provide any additional reports/evidence required


  • If you’re unsuccessful – naturally you’ll be disappointed, however, scholarships are competitive and a large number of applications are received for most. We try to give feedback where possible, to help to improve your chances for other applications.  For some scholarships you’ll be able to apply again in future years.


  • If you’re successful – congratulations! You will receive a letter confirming the terms and conditions of the award.  You will also be required to send a report for the Trustees, when requested


If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us at scholarships@northampton.ac.uk

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